Culture Change

You’ve found the Holy Grail:

a win for customers, employees and shareholders.

Most businesses don’t have a joined-up approach to the way they use words.

They forget that using words is what most of their employees are doing, most of the day.

Walk around head office of any major bank, insurer, telecoms or utility company, and you’ll see a lot of people writing emails. Reading reports. And preparing (or sitting through) PowerPoint.

We estimate that around 80% of mid- to senior-level management time is spent creating or responding to written messages.

But most of those messages have been created by people with no professional writing training at all.

You’re probably used to seeing documents that are:

  • longwinded
  • unfocused
  • unclear.


What’s so wrong with bad writing?

It’s a major cause of business inefficiency:

  • your people miss important messages
  • it wastes time and causes mistakes
  • customers don’t like cold and garbled writing.

It takes culture change to fix this. But it’s worth it.